Illumination (a wordpress photo challenge)

Our apartment faces due west, so we enjoy watching the course of the sunset through the year – right now it’s to the very far left; in June it will be to the very far right.  Last week, I was sitting in the home office and happened to glance out the window, which faces north.  This side of the building doesn’t get any direct sunlight right now, because the sun sits so low on the southern horizon, but this day, for maybe five minutes, the sun hit the tops of these two pine trees and illuminated them to a bright autumn orange.

Golden Glow

Soon, the sun will be shining on this part of Finland for 20 hours a day, but for now, this made my day!

(This post is in response to the wordpress weekly photo challenge for January 11, 2013.  See more photo posts of illumination here.)

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