French Bread – Personal Kitchen Challenge #6

After my first foray into yeast, I knew bread wouldn’t be far behind.  Most of the recipes I’ve seen on pinterest have included a breadmaker, which I don’t have, but I did see a recipe for quick French Bread, so I thought I’d start with that, keep things simple the first time around.

I ran into a small problem right away when I found out I only had one packet of yeast left, and the recipe called for the equivalent of two, and I really didn’t want to make a grocery store run.  So instead of making two loaves, I just split the recipe in half and made one.  Probably better that way, anyway – there’s no way we could go through two loaves before it went bad (although I did plan on making french toast…and croque monsieur…and bread pudding…if I needed to use up bread).

The recipe and prep was quite easy for this recipe.  Although I didn’t think the dough had risen much, the loaf itself looked great, so I must have done something right.  I boiled some pasta and we had the bread on the side for dinner.  Being incredibly self-critical, I thought it was a little chewy/tough (just a little) and a bit dense, but Stephen loved it, or at least said he did.

I think the bread turned out a little soft for croque monsieur and french toast, but maybe if I let it stale up a bit….

Bread 1

Bread 2

I’ve made this loaf several times now, and it is remarkably easy to make, but I think it’s nearly time to try a new bread recipe.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Please leave me a comment and share your favorite bread recipe!

(I am horribly behind on my Personal Kitchen Challenge updates.  I’ve been doing one every week, for the most part, I just haven’t posted any!  I’ll catch up soon, I promise!)

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6 thoughts on “French Bread – Personal Kitchen Challenge #6

  1. It looks fantastic Sara! If it is a little chewy/tough, you may have overworked the dough. And if too dense, was your yeast fresh? Did it rise enough? Just some thoughts I’ve had. I, too, want to make more yeast breads. I’ve got dough for my sausage roll down and sweet dough for cinnamon rolls, but I’m going to have to try this French bread!! Did you bake on a pizza stone?

    • Nope, no pizza stone. We got one right before we moved here, but we knew it would never fit in the European oven, so didn’t bother bringing it. I think the yeast was fresh, but who knows. It’s the dry yeast in the package, and I would have bought it less than 2 months before making the bread. I’ve tried the bread several times, and it turns out fine each time, but I can’t help feeling less impressed each time. I really need to try a new recipe! 🙂

  2. Looks good, that’s one I haven’t tried yet.

    Here’s an easy one that’s basically impossible to screw up:

  3. Pam

    That loaf of bread looked beautiful! And I’m sure Stephen was telling you the truth.

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