Mandarin Pancakes – Kitchen Challenge #5

This actually didn’t start out as being a challenge.  It started out with some leftover pork and a desire to do something other than pork fried rice.  In my search for possible uses, I stumbled upon moo shu pork in Mandarin pancakes.  So I thought, why not make that the latest challenge?

It seemed easy enough.  2 parts flour to 1 part boiling water.  Stir to mix, then knead.

I don’t know that I had ever kneaded dough before making the pizzas a few weeks ago.  Since I’ve never made biscuits or pie or bread from scratch, I doubt I’ve done it, although I may have helped my mom a time or two.  It’s funny how certain things just come naturally from simply watching people in the past.  Often, when sewing, I flashback to watching my grandmother sew, and I apply those memories to what I’m working on.  The same goes with kneading dough – folding it over onto itself, pressing it together, over and over again.  I didn’t even think about it this time, so much so that I left my ring on.  Oof – love getting dough worked into the setting…

Anyway, in searching for a recipe, I found many different variations.  I ended up melding three or four recipes together, so I have no idea what recipe I came closest to following.  One recipe said to roll out the dough into pancake shape before pressing them together with sesame oil, but most of the others said to form the dough into thick 2″ round cakes, press them together, then roll them out thinner, so I opted to follow that method. 

The final project turned out well, if a little rubbery.

One recipe I looked at came from The Way the Cookie Crumbles, who said her boyfriend called this a Chinese burrito.

Well, guess what Stephen called it?

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