First Snow

We’ve had our first snowfall here in Rauma, and man did it snow.

It started on Friday with these cute little snow pellets – they looked like little pieces of styrofoam.  Pea-sized hail, except it wasn’t hail, it was snow.  Some research revealed this to be graupel.  So there’s my something new learned for the day.  It melted fairly quickly, but we got some more overnight.

Snow covered roofs of Rauma, Friday morning.

Then on Friday, it snowed off and on all day.  When it snowed, it snowed, like a heavy downpour.  The streets were soon covered, and I could see several cars slipping and sliding and struggling to get up the hill.  I started to worry about Stephen driving home, since we haven’t put the winter tires on yet.  We have an appointment on Monday – not soon enough, evidently.

I took a walk in one of the heavier downpours, excited to try out my new boots:

When I got back there were some guys out playing soccer across the street, and from the sounds of it they were having a grand time, whooping at every goal scored.  It was highly entertaining watching them slipping and falling on the snow, and they were enjoying it, too – I swear I saw one making a snow angel after he fell.  It was especially funny when they ended up against the boards, three of them kicking and struggling to get control of the ball.  I was suddenly watching hockey!!

Snow soccer

The leaves on the trees suddenly realized they were late, and immediately corrected the situation:

“Oh crap! Fall, fall!!”

As I looked out from our apartment at the white blanket on the city, I realized that this is what my view will be for the next six months or so.  In a few months, I won’t even notice the snow, but for now, I’m an American from the South, and snow is still a novelty!

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