Frozen Limeade Concentrate – Kitchen Challenge #3

I don’t really classify this one as a challenge so much as a necessity.  Frozen limeade concentrate, like you find in those little Minute Maid cans in the frozen section of the grocery store, doesn’t exist here, at least not that I’ve found.

One night not too long ago, some friends decided to make margaritas.  I had seen a pin on Pinterest on how to make your own limeade concentrate, and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to give it a try.

Let me tell you, without a juicer, this was a pretty tough task.  My hands and fingers were worn out after squeezing 14 limes to death.  As one of my friends said, it’s a good thing I didn’t have a paper cut.  The task would have been impossible.

After squeezing 14 limes, I had a double batch of lime juice ready to go.  I made the simple syrup, mixed it all together and started freezing it.  I couldn’t freeze it all at once, so poured some into a water bottle and stuck it in the fridge, to be frozen later.

The limeade concentrate made great margaritas, I’m pleased to say.  I have several 6 oz increments in the freezer now for future use.  Other than squeezing the limes, it was a simple enough task, although pretty much everything was a sticky mess afterwards.

Oh, and remember that water bottle in the fridge?  Stephen drank out of it twice.  Oops.  (But, heehee!)

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7 thoughts on “Frozen Limeade Concentrate – Kitchen Challenge #3

  1. ohhhh girl! yea!!! yes we’ve had the whole frozen margherita thing going on too! i never made them from scratch until i moved here. i have developed some mad cooking skilld in my expat living just out of necessity and i tell you i have never been so passionate about cooking before.

    friday night is mex night at our house!
    guacamole and homemade chips and mexican rice and now the homemade tortillas… on and on.
    not always with the margheritas though 🙂
    i used mostly lemon with a couple limes. i roll them around on the counter with the palm of my hand with firm pressure, then microwave for 20 seconds or so. that really helps get the juice out of them babies!

    haha yes sticky mess! so worth it though 🙂

    have a great weekend!

    • I could make Mexican every night and Stephen would be perfectly content. The biggest issue is the cheese – what do you use? I looked into making my own monterrey jack cheese, but I can’t even get the supplies here (even talked to a cheesemaker – the chemicals needed are literally not available in Finland).

      • i have to say i am impressed that you would consider making your own cheese! and then to actually seek out a cheese maker! so excellent!
        artisian cheese making seems to be all the rage back home and i would probably give it a go just as a challenge… once.

        the cheese situation in our house… i will admit, that was a tough one early on.
        i gave up on cheese in yellow hues and embraced white cheeses, after all you can’t have what you can’t get.
        for mexican foods we mostly use a moz & gouda blend, not the same at all i know.
        i play up the spices and textures and less emphasis on the cheese.

        when i was home for the summer i cooked pretty much every meal for my family, at times i cooked for 10 people! it was a lovely madness!
        when i grocery shopped i found myself seeking out european white cheeses over yellow because it’s now what i am used to and i guess prefer. who knew!

        i remembered also during the summer i hade made lemon aid from scratch, simple syrup and all.
        my sister asked why i didn’t just buy frozen concentrate… i’m just used to making everything from scratch now!
        i hadn’t even thought to look in the freezer section… 2 years out of the loop! LOL

  2. Any recipe that provides a basic provision for margaritas at the read is deserving of five stars!

    Totally worth all the squeezing.

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