I have two main blogs – this one, about my life, the things going on in my life, and the fun things I do; and the one I call “my writing blog.”  With dreams of being a published writer, I felt it was important to start blogging as a writer, connecting with other writer-bloggers, as well as agent-bloggers.  Knowing, or I guess more hoping, that my name would one day be known to people who read my books, who would also read my blog, I started blogging at

At the same time, I had a life, a life removed from writing.  I wanted a little more anonymity in my life than my writing blog allowed.  And I figured that while some people would be interested in both my writing life and my non-writing life, most wouldn’t be.  Blogging is all about niche, right?  You must have a niche.  My writing blog was obviously in the writing niche.  My life blog was in the me niche.

But I’ve been absolutely awful at keeping up with blogging.  I have dry spells in blogging, like I’m sure everyone does.  I sometimes have ideas that I think should be cross-posted.  I sometimes have ideas that don’t really fit either.  I’m often so frozen with indecision that I do nothing.  That’s usually when I have a blog lapse.

So when I saw this blog post by Kristen Lamb, I thought a lot about it.  The part that really struck me was, it’s the “interests other than writing that are going to connect with readers.”  She goes on to say, “Readers don’t give a flying squirrel’s butt about three-act structure, Create Space, or the future of publishing…”

Well, duh.  No really, DUH!  She’s exactly right!  I was using my “writing blog” only to connect with other writers, not to connect with future readers.  So, then, what’s the point?

There is no point, obviously.  My friends and family, who I primarily write my “life” blog for (although I love anyone who stops in!) will probably also read my “writing” blog.  Very possibly, people who stop into one blog will be interested in the other.  Not every post, of course, but some.

I cook.  I sew.  I travel.  I write.  I take photos.  I’m an American ex-pat.  I’m interested in the world around me.  I try to embrace life.  And I’m often inspired.  If any of these interest you, please check back for more.  🙂

I’ve migrated my blog posts over with the original date stamp.  If you’re interested in reading these, choose the “Sara Johnson” category over on the right. →

If you subscribe to my blog and got hit with a ton of new blog posts, I’m sorry about that!

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