Homemade Pizza – Kitchen Challenge #2

There are two dishes that Stephen’s mother makes that he absolutely loves.  One of them is Homemade Pizza.  He’s wanted me to make it pretty much since we moved in together, but yeast is one of those ingredients I’ve always been scared to work with.

Challenge accepted!

We invited some friends over, although I warned them that we may end up ordering out.  One friend is on a gluten-free diet, which threw a little bit of a kink in the plans.  Since each recipe makes two pizzas, I decided to make four pizzas, two batches, one with regular flour, one with gluten-free.

The first batch seemed to go all right – the dough turned out okay and rose well.  The second batch, the gluten-free one, not so much.  It was really sticky, so I kept adding more flour, until it seemed to have the same consistency as the first one.  It’s a good thing I did the other one first, so I had an idea about how it was supposed to be.

With the regular dough, I made a pepperoni pizza and a ground beef and mushroom pizza.  With the gluten free dough, I made a Caprese pizza (tomatoes, mozzerella, and basil) and a Greek pizza (kalamata olives, sundried tomatoes, and feta cheese).

All the pizzas came out very good, I’m happy to say!

Half pepperoni and mushroom, half ground beef and mushroom

Half Greek, Half Caprese

The next night, since we had so many toppings leftover, I ended up making two more pizzas for Stephen and me, each half and half, the same toppings as the previous night.  I felt much more comfortable making the pizzas – I don’t know why I’ve always been scared to work with yeast!  At this point, bring on the bread!  🙂

I’m intentionally challenging myself in the kitchen, working with new ingredients, attempting more challenging dishes, and doing it all while grocery shopping in a foreign language.  Read more about my Personal Kitchen Challenge here.

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8 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza – Kitchen Challenge #2

  1. i love baking bread, yeast-based doughs – though it can be frustrating to not have it rise, I’ve only had that happen twice. The pizza looks so good! How was the GF crust?

    • The GF crust was fine – I didn’t notice much of a difference, except that maybe it was a little flakier. It didn’t rise like the other one, which had me worried, but it turned out fine.

  2. Megan

    Those look so delicious!!!! We tried our hand at making her recipe about a month ago and it was fun and came out pretty good, only Adam wanted a thinner crust than what Mom normally does! It was still super yummy and pretty easy!

    • Yeah, I wasn’t sure how thick the crust was supposed to be – I only had it the one time. So I kept asking Stephen, “Does this look right?” 🙂

  3. your pizzas look great!
    i’m cheering on your cooking challenge!
    i try to make a few new things every week. i started making homemade tortillas 2 weeks ago. can’t believe i never tried to make them before. now we can’t go back to store bought!

    • Thanks Tracie! I keep hearing about how easy tortillas are to make, but I tried to make them once when I was a teenager and they turned out awful. Of course, that was from a mix – maybe I’ll try it from scratch. Adding that to my Challenge List!

  4. Pam Johnson

    I’m thrilled you tried the crust and found out yeast can “be your friend”!. Go ahead and try bread next. I got started baking bread because my dad liked to make bread. We fought over the heels of every loaf he made because of the crispy crust. One day I said something to his mother, my grandmother, about loving home-made bread and especially the heels and she made a little face and said she didn’t care for the heels. She grew up having and making bread constantly and she loved store bought white bread. What a difference time can make. — Now, my challenge will be to try your new toppings on my crust. They sound delicious, too.

    • Yes, I’m looking at a French Bread recipe that I’ll try soon. Stephen can have the crusts, though – I’ve never been a fan. Although, that may change with homemade bread! FYI – for the mozz/tom pizza, I just used a garlic infused olive oil base, and for the Greek pizza I used a pesto base. The more I think about that Greek pizza, the more I love it – Salty Goodness!

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