Complete Randomness

I’ve been a bit absent lately, I know.  I’ve been working quite a bit on the book, actually (yay!), and then we were gone for a week and a half to Ireland.  Ireland posts coming soon, but in the meantime, some random links and info, plus a cat video:

Wonderful words that have no English equivalent, part 1, part 2, and part 3.  Some favorites:  Tartle, Scots, “for that panicky hesitation just before you have to introduce someone whose name you can’t quite remember.”  Seigneur-terraces, French, “coffee shop dwellers who sit at tables a long time but spend little money.”  Hygge, Danish, a word I have actually recently been introduced to through other means.  It “is the pleasant, genial, and intimate feeling associated with sitting around a fire in the winter with close friends.” Kummerspeck, German, “excess weight gained from emotional overeating.”  Literally translated, it’s “grief bacon.”  Cavoli Riscaldati, Italian:  “The result of attempting to revive an unworkable relationship.”  Been there.  Gumusservi, Turkish, meaning “moonlight shining on water.”  Jen, I *so* hope you get a picture of this and use this word when blogging about your trip to Turkey!

Wondering what Finnish Lapland (in the Arctic Circle) looks like in winter?  Check out photographer Niccolo Bonfadini’s photos of frozen trees.  Very pretty, but I’m glad it doesn’t get that bad where we live!

I’m going to start challenging myself in the kitchen – working outside my comfort zone with complex recipes and ingredients/cooking methods I’ve always been afraid of.  I’ve started a Pinterest board for these recipes, and I hope to do one per week.  We’ll see how it goes…and how much I screw up!  🙂  I’ll post as I go, I’m sure, but for a sneak peak – I’ve always been scared to try anything with yeast, so that’s one of the first things I’ll be doing.

A couple of weeks ago, just before our trip to Ireland, my husband was getting ready for work, and I was working on waking up.  He turns to me and says, “We’re going to start doing P90X.”  Me, still being half asleep, said, “Okay….  Wait.  What? We?  We who?”  We did a couple of trial workouts before our trip, but now we’re back and getting into it.  The idea is that each of us holds the other accountable.  Sounds great in theory…we’ll see if it lasts.

I ran across this video a while back and wasn’t sure I wanted to post it.  I don’t really care for the girl in the video (no offense to her, I’m sure she’s a lovely girl), but this is my cat.  My baby Mercury, I do miss him, and this made me miss him more.  He used to do the exact same thing, loving on me, sniffing my eye, curling up in the crook of my neck (all 14 pounds of him – I don’t have that much neck!).  And Mercury looks almost like this cat – the markings are just a little off.  I hope my parents (who took Mercury when we moved) get to experience some of this kind of loving!

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2 thoughts on “Complete Randomness

  1. challenge accepted! I just need to remember it. 🙂
    our cat did that, too – sometimes when i’m snuggling with our neighbors’ cats (they have 3), I miss our sweet kitty. then i remember that i never have to scoop kitty litter or wipe dusty paw prints off the counters and i’m glad. ha ha.
    P90X is fun. Jon and I did it together, having someone else holding you accountable really does help! good luck!

    • Luckily, Mercury never got on the counter (or even the tables), so there were no issues there. And I would far prefer to scoop kitty litter than pick up dog poop! 🙂
      Have fun in Turkey…when you finally get there. 😉

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