Archery! Handball! Synchronized Swimming!

I always forget how much I love the Olympics.  I always think, “Yeah, sure, I’ll probably watch some swimming and some gymnastics.”  But then things like archery and water polo come on, and I’m just as hooked.

I always choke up a little during the Opening Ceremonies, and this time was no different.  I loved all the green at the beginning, and there were several glimpses of poppies that had me very happy.  All the Mary Poppins (Poppins’s?) umbrella-ing (new word) down had me giggling, and I loved the visual of the kids in pastel on the white lit-up “beds.”  The music during the dancing scene was great, but I could have done without the text romance.  Seeing Mr. Bean cracked me up (although Stephen calls him Black Adder, instead of Bean).

When the Athletes started coming out, I griped about all the cameras the contingent was carrying. “It looks so unprofessional.”  We fast forwarded through most of the teams (shame on us) and stopped to watch the US come out.  And suddenly I remembered that these aren’t professionals (well, except for, you know, the professionals, like the basketball players).  These are just normal people, they work at TGIFridays and Home Depot and they walk dogs to support themselves.  They work their asses off to get to the Olympics – if it were me, I’d probably have a camera out, too. “Holy shit, look where I am!!”

I cried as the flame came into the stadium, and I absolutely loved the urns or whatever for every country rising to form one huge flame.  Perfect.

We’ve been live-streaming all day – archery, women’s soccer, women’s and men’s gymnastics, some women’s cycling, men’s water polo….  I did make Stephen turn off the weight lifting, though.

The Games always make me feel patriotic, and being abroad makes it a little more special.  I can’t believe we didn’t think to have an ex-pat party for the opening ceremonies, but we’ll definitely be having one at some point in the next couple of weeks – maybe when the women’s soccer team goes for gold.  😉

What sports do you watch during the Olympics?  Are you surprised when you enjoy one of the “odder” ones?

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