Normandy France, Day 4

After 2 days of driving and walking and more driving, we took it easy today and stayed local.  We didn’t even see the car, come to think of it.  We walked over to Trouville, just across the river, and spent a couple of hours being looky-loos.

There was a market set up, which was a nice surprise.  I got to explore a little bit – produce stands and meat markets and embroidery and…well, other stuff, just like you would see in the States – shoes, purses, clothing, trinkets, etc.

We went down to the beach and saw some people surfing and kite-surfing:

We walked along the streets, looking at houses and gardens and through shop windows.

Next we headed back over to Deauville and walked along the beach there, with it’s iconic beach umbrellas:

After that, we went back to our hotel for “a break” to hit the bathroom and gather my laptop, then we were going to go sit out at a brasserie for a bit, having some wine.  But we decided to nap the afternoon away, instead.  It was probably a good idea anyway, because a two hour dinner starting at 8pm (early by French standards) including three or four courses and a bottle of wine normally means I’m falling asleep during dessert.  But tonight, thanks to the nap, I made it through dinner and into the bubble bath I’ve been coveting since we got here.  But not before seeing a big, beautiful full moon over Trouville:

Stay tuned for Day 5:  Mont Saint Michel!

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