Random thoughts from Finland v. 4

As mentioned in my last post, my brain is running a hundred miles kilometers a minute, yet refuses to function.  So what better time for a bulleted list?  🙂

  • Open windows means things flying through them.  I was really hoping we would be high enough (6th floor) for there to be minimal flies, gnats, etc, but I guess not.  I found a trick online for a sort of “fly trap,” which I will try this weekend, but I doubt that will help with the *ginormous* bee that flew through the window this morning.  I jumped up, called Stephen, and stood outside the room, ready to run, while he dealt with it.
  • Speaking of which, Stephen is home today because it’s a holiday here in Finland – Ascension Day.
  • We made pancakes this morning, using a mix I picked up in the store.  It…wasn’t quite right.  Kind of sweet.  And the maple syrup was…wow.  Sweet.  Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever really liked pure maple syrup, I just never realized it until now.  Anyway, I used some Buckwheat Honey I picked up at a local honey place, instead of syrup, and it was wonderful.  I’ll attempt to make pancakes from scratch next time, though, and see how it goes…
  • I keep noticing things that are really stupid of me to notice.  Like, “Oh, look, there are ants here, too.”  Or “Oh, look, eight year old Finnish boys like to poke things with sticks, too.”  Well, of course.  I don’t know why these things surprise me.  It’s the complete lack of expectation, I think – having no idea what to expect means that everything is a surprise.  Even the things that should be relatively obvious.  Like, yes, people here get their hair cut, too, dummy!  (That wasn’t a surprise, btw, just an example of how stupid some of my observations are.)
  • We recently found out that we have two addresses.  Here’s what happened:  We registered with the city, and on the paperwork I noticed that they had our address wrong.  I had two thoughts:  (a) Is my handwriting that bad that they thought the 4 was a 1? and (b) Great, now I have to go back down there and get it sorted out.  But then I remembered that our building, situated on a corner, actually has two numbers on it, and it finally dawned on me that we actually have two addresses – 1 Street A and 4 Street B.  I don’t know that one is better than the other, but we’ve gotten mail at both, so I don’t guess it matters.

Goal for the next week:  blog posts about: a pile of rocks; a visit to Tampere; cooking and grocery store shopping in a foreign language; and The Joys of Learning Finnish!  Another goal:  getting my blogroll set up.  So many blogs to link to, and I’m a very bad person for not doing so before now…

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2 thoughts on “Random thoughts from Finland v. 4

  1. what’s this fly trap? our windows are too old to function properly so if i want to enjoy the fresh air, i have to have the doors open. and then i’m swatting flies all day and night. i heard this trick that if you fill a plastic bag with water and hang it in the door jamb, that would keep flies out. it seems to reduce it, but they are still getting in.
    i have a great recipe for whole wheat pancakes on my blog. they are insanely delicious. i will be making them tomorrow.

    • Oh, I forgot about the plastic bag with water trick. I’ll have to try that. The trick I’m trying is: take a bowl, put a dab of liquid dishwashing soap in it, then pour beer, juice, or a dab of honey mixed with water in it. I guess the filling is to attract the flies, and the liquid soap makes it so they can’t get out of the liquid. We’ll see if it works…

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