And the contest winner is…

Last week, I introduced my first contest:  Where should we go for our first vacation?  There were a lot of great suggestions, on the blog, on Facebook, and via email.

Italy was quite popular, as was Paris.  Beth suggested Venice and going to see Murano glass making – I love Murano glass!  Angela suggested we go to Ireland, her home country; Kathleen suggested Ireland, as well, a walking tour that both Stephen and I thought sounded wonderful!  Sara suggested a Volga River tour in Russia, on which you can see many of Russia’s bigger cities and sites.

Pam suggested Stockholm, and Denise suggested St Petersburg, both of which are close enough to be long weekend trips (which we’re already planning on).  Catie suggested Prague, which is one of my top three destinations.  I’m a little worried about being disappointed on my first trip, though (that whole “reality can’t live up to such high expectations” thing), so I wanted to keep Prague for another time.

We pretty much ruled out everything in southern Europe – Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal – because we’d like to go to the warmer climates in the winter.

I narrowed our choices down to three areas – the South of France (as Melody Jane suggested), Southern UK (including Bath, which Mary suggested), and the Normandy region of France, which Jen mentioned (although didn’t suggest).

In the end, I decided on…..


Normandy, France!  I’m declaring Jen the winner of the contest, with an honorable mention to Denise, who said she wanted to go there…along with twenty other places!

I’m in planning stages, pricing flights, looking at websites, trying to decide where all we’re going to go.  We’re going to fly into Paris, but we’re going to save actually touring Paris for another time – we’re just going to get a car and drive out of town.

So excited!!

Any suggestions on where we should go, what we should do, where we should stay?  Bring it on!

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4 thoughts on “And the contest winner is…

  1. Wow! I’ve never actually won anything. ha ha. So, we took a train from Paris to Bayeaux and then rented a car and stayed at a B&B. We also did a full day D-Day tour (highly recommended) that was absolutely fascinating. We also drove out to Mont St. Michel – a must see/do. It’s really easy to drive around the Normandy region and everyone is very friendly, though far less English speakers than in Paris. I wish I still had all my research from when we went! I did use Rick Steves’ website quite a bit in planning our trip – he makes such great recommendations.
    How exciting!

  2. just found a little notebook from our travels there:
    toured with Victory Tours – he’s a Dutch guy that is extremely knowledgeable about the history, etc. he’s kind of no-nonsense but laid back. we thought about using D-Day Battle Tours, but jon was kind of turned off that the guy is in costume. 😉
    the B&B is actually owned by the Victory Tours guy and his wife. It was gorgeous – though a bit remote if you’re wanting to hang out more in a downtown area. Name of the B&B is
    Chateau de Lignerolles, Planquery
    hope that helps some!

  3. Malou

    Normandy is beautiful. The last time we were there, we rented a lovely house in Etretat. Beautiful place! 😉

  4. I have not been in Normandy, only in Bretagne, but Guess that it is awesome place.

    About glass and making it. I am sure that You do not know that in Finland we have long history with glass. I have made a post from Glass museum which is quite near to where I live and it is indeed worth for visit. Here:

    Riihimäki glass museum.

    Check my posts from it and get surprised.

    Happy Sunday!

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