Field Trip! Olkiluoto Visitor Center

Stephen and I had lunch today with the American contingent of workers here in Finland, and afterward the two of us went to the Visitor Center for the nuclear power plant.  Stephen explained a lot of the exhibits in much better detail, but much of it still went over my head.

A map of all the nuclear plants in the US

From the exhibit explanation: "The floor is a cross-section of the reactor. The blue color represents the Cerenkov radiation. This phenomenon occurs when charged particles (e.g. electrons) move faster in the medium (water) than light in the same medium, creating light that is blue in color."

The fuel rods are placed in this copper container and buried 400 meters down.

Stephen pedaling hard to power the lightbulb, fan, and mixer.

An image of the construction of OL3 - it's HUGE! (See the itty bitty little crane next to it?)

Looking out over the sea (that snowy mass) at OL2 (the square building) and OL3 (the one with the rounded top)

The visitor’s center was really interesting, and had a lot of cool exhibits.  If you’re ever in the area, I recommend checking it out!  They are open daily (including Saturday and Sunday ) from 10am-8pm.  (Be sure to ride the elevator down 400 meters to where they bury the rods!)

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