Spring Fever?

The last week has been moderately warmer…not 70° warmer, but it’s been hovering around the freezing point.  Actually, although it sounds great that it’s been getting above freezing, it’s actually been a bad thing – a high of 2C means things start melting, but the overnight low of -2C means everything refreezes.  It’s a lot easier to walk on frozen snow than on ice.  I’ve caught myself several times over the last week saying, “Oh, good, fresh snow,” because at least with fresh snow on the ground, you gain some traction.

Yesterday it actually got up to a whopping 39F, and the streets are really clear.  The sidewalks are hit or miss – those getting more sun are nearly dry, those getting less sun are great for ice skating.

Warmer weather and sun means *some* of the sidewalks are actually clear!

Today, the wind is crazy strong, literally rattling the rafters in the building we’re in.  Once, while out walking today, the wind actually pushed me across the ice.  I’m not kidding.  Crazy strong.  But the sun is bright, and everything is melting, and the streets were busier than I’ve ever seen them (in my whole three weeks here).  People out driving, biking, walking, a busy grocery store, and a jam-packed cafe – that’s what I saw while I was out today.

Of course, just like with every early warm snap, a hard freeze isn’t far behind.  After tomorrow, the weather forecast has us not getting above freezing for a week, with lows down to -12C.

The funny thing is, I’ve been getting really warm on my daily walks lately – sweating under my jacket, and even taking off my gloves and hat because I’m too hot.  I guess I’ve acclimated a little.

A bright moon

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