Our move to the nursing home

It’s been a fairly uneventful week, but I guess I do have some news to share.  We found an apartment!  But it won’t be available until mid-March, so we resigned ourselves to living in a hotel for another month.  However, the company evidently wasn’t keen on continuing to pay 140€/night for the hotel, so they forced us to move…into an assisted living facility.

Oh, how I wish I was joking.

Actually, it’s not bad.  This is a private facility, which means they don’t have enough residents to fill the place up, so they rent out rooms to fill the space.  I’m not sure how many other younger people are currently staying here, because I’ve only seen two people in the five days we’ve been here – both elderly women.  It’s pretty quiet around here.

Other than a certain…smell…it’s actually a really nice place.  We basically have a studio apartment, quite roomy, with plenty of closet space and floor space, and a comfy sofa.  We also have a small kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave, and access to a washer and a dryer.  Yay!  I’ve been able to cook again, which has been lovely – we haven’t eaten out for dinner in several days now.  But when we do go out, we can bring home leftovers and heat them up!  Let me tell you, you think you’d like eating out all the time, but trust me, it gets old fast.

I spent the last two days doing laundry, because it takes two hours to wash clothes, and another two hours to dry.  But all of our clothes are now clean.  Very happy.  When we sent the clothes out to be cleaned at the hotel, everything came back with this sticker on them – a hard, plasticky sticker that was quite difficult to remove.  The sticker on the jeans and Stephen’s undershirts were okay, but it pulled off some fluff on one of my fleece pullovers, and they placed the sticker right on the seam of each sock, so I ended up pulling out several seams.  In other words, I paid 73€ to ruin some clothes.  I was NOT happy about that, and was not looking forward to sending everything out again, so it was a huge relief to move here and be able to do my own wash.

Listen to me, complaining about not being able to cook or do laundry…

The one thing we don’t like about this place is the bathroom.  It’s large enough, with plenty of space, and the water pressure, as usual, is wonderful, but there’s no shower curtain.  When you shower, everything gets wet – including the toilet.  We’ve had to place a designated cloth to wipe down the toilet after the shower, otherwise the next person who sits gets a wet surprise.  And, really, who wants a wet surprise when they sit on the toilet?  We’re going to get some sort of shower curtain to place between the shower and the toilet, and hopefully that will help.

Open shower = wet toilet

We still have individual twin beds, and we both miss cuddling at night.  But, these beds make up for it by being adjustable!  Stephen and I get a good laugh out of propping ourselves up, him to watch TV, me to cross-stitch.  We figured that would be us in forty years, but not quite yet!

Another European thing I’ve found…they don’t have washcloths here.    I am a big washcloth person – I generally use one each day.  Not having any has been hard to adjust to.  I went to Ikea the other day and bought some .50€ handtowels, cut them in half, and am working on sewing the cut seams on all of them.  Necessity is the mother of invention….  They won’t be the prettiest thing ever, but I don’t care.

"Homemade" washcloths

I haven’t taken many pictures this week, because when I’ve gone for a walk, I’ve gone to the store and back.  Not a lot to see along the way.  But hopefully some more pictures soon.

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2 thoughts on “Our move to the nursing home

  1. coldradio

    If you can get to an Ikea, they have face clothes in the kids’ department, something like 10 for 5€…it was quite a find for me, I was missing them too! 🙂

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