8 Things About Restaurants in Rauma, Finland

(This could be 8 Things About Restaurants in Finland, but I don’t have experience eating anywhere in Finland except Rauma, so I won’t apply this to the rest of the country…yet.)

  1. Nine times out of ten, you seat yourself.  You will know to seat yourself if:
  2. There are menus, glasses, and canisters of forks, knives, and napkins on the table.
  3. Starters/appetizers are just that – don’t expect a full meal out of it.  A chicken finger starter will be about a third to a quarter of what you might expect in the States.
  4. Entrees, however, are large – larger than I expected, and sometimes as large as you find in the States.
  5. Glasses of wine are served in different sizes.  Get the biggest one (it’s about 6oz).
  6. You must, MUST, specifically ask for the bill.  The waitress will come around, clear your plates, ask if you want dessert or anything else, then go away…but won’t bring the bill.  You will need to ask for it.
  7. Once the waitress does bring the bill, she will stand by the table and wait for you to pay.
  8. Don’t tip.
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One thought on “8 Things About Restaurants in Rauma, Finland

  1. Good to know….someday I’ll get to Finland.

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