Random thoughts and photos after 5 days in Finland

  • One thing I can say about the Finns – they know water pressure.  I can definitely say I’ve never had a better hotel shower than where we’re staying…I only hope the shower where we end up living is good, too.
  • Cool Ranch Doritos are called “Cool American” here.
  • We had to send the laundry to the front desk to be cleaned, because the hotel doesn’t have a public laundry, and there apparently are no laundrymats here.  We sent down a couple of pairs of jeans, 7 shirts, 5 undershirts, and several pairs of socks.  The total:  73€.  Even though it’s on the company dime…OUCH!
  • I’m handwashing my delicates in the sink, and Stephen wants me to hand wash a couple of his nice shirts.  Finding detergent was fun…We’ll see how this goes.
  • We watched Notting Hill last night, in English with Finnish subtitles.  “Whoopsie-daisies” is “hupsista keikkaa” in Finnish.  I missed “adios the dishes” and “daft prick.”
  • We went to see a possible place to stay last night.  It was a 1 bedroom 1 bath in a neighborhood north of town.  It was right on the sea (although on the second row of townhomes) in a very pretty area, and I’m sure in the summer it would have been gorgeous.  But it was a little dingy, and it was about 3km from town, so it would have been quite remote for me without a car.  There’s a place available in a month that we hope is a little better.

Church of the Holy Cross , Rauma, Finland

No idea what this is, just thought it was pretty sitting down next to the (frozen) stream.

Vahna Rauma (Old Town) has heated streets. Can you tell where they start heating?

This is The Kellari, where we had dinner Saturday night. It's a cool little place, heavy wooden door, and you go down into this cellar-like restaurant. The inside was beautiful!

I have no idea how this ice formed that way, but it's very neat!

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8 thoughts on “Random thoughts and photos after 5 days in Finland

  1. how long is stephen’s assignment there? is it 2 years with the possibility to extend?

    it looks very cold but so beautiful. i sometimes think if it’s going to be freezing, you might as well have heaps of snow on the ground to cover up the dead stuff. 🙂

    good luck on the apartment hunt!

    • Yep, two years, and then we’ll see.

      The cold hasn’t been awful, except on my face. I was out walking today, and my upper body was actually sweating. I had to take my gloves off, my hands were so warm. I think it was about 30F?

  2. Dave Miller

    What an opportunity for an amazing experience. Thank you so much for sharing. You are so lucky, I hope everything is fantastic for you while you are there.

  3. Icicles – why they are formed.

    Well, there are mainly two reasons.

    1. When temperature is getting warmer, snow start to melt. Then it is freezing during night. This is general reason.

    2. Some houses are old and when they are warmed, roofs are “heated”. Slowly snow melts and so icicles are born. If You are carefully looking at wooden homes, then some houses have icicles, some has not. This means simply, that those houses which do not have icicles are constructed very carefully and they have a thick insulating layer on roofs!!!

    When buying a home in Finland, this is excellent way to observe how a house is built and has it good layer of insulation.

    Rauma is a very beautiful town. I have visited there few times, but during summer only.

    While waiting for summer, then take a look at

    Old Rauma in summer.

    To get informed about Finland’s wonders, then You can spend long time among my blog. For example today I travel to Kemi where world’s biggest snow castle is. I have already two posts from them. Just check under categories.


    It is maybe the best blog telling about Finland and its people.

    Happy stay in Finland!

    • Well, of course I know how icicles form, silly! I meant how this one formed in a circle like it did. Can you explain that? I thought it was very cool! 🙂

      Thanks for the comment and the links – I will definitely be spending more time on your blog! And the information about the house roofs – that will come in handy as we’re looking for a place to live.

      • So sorry that I cannot explain it.

        I am glad that You’ll read my blog, because it is really packed full with photos and info about my country. There are beautiful places and even old castles in Finland and many of them You’ll find in my blog. I think that You can find there some nice ideas for next summer’s holiday. Last summer we made a midsummer evening cruise on a lake, for example.

        After few hours my trip goes to the North by night train to photographs and to shoot video from

        World’s biggest Snow Castle.

        It is something unimaginable even to me, although I visit it for the third time in my life.

        If You have some questions, I try to answer.

        Have a wonderful day!

  4. Violin playing goat!

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