The waiting game

Hubster and I are excited about the Finland move, and we want to get going already.  We have a ton of stuff we need to do before the move, but we can’t do any of it until we have a Move Date.  And we won’t have a Move Date until the visa paperwork goes through.  Which we’re still waiting on.

It’s been almost five weeks since it arrived at the embassy, and we are simply itching to get word on it being approved.  I’m getting a bit nervous that maybe there’s an issue with the applications – maybe that C I made in Science in college is coming back to haunt me.

Hubster is supposed to be on the job site February 1.  Today is January 17.  Between now and being in Finland, we need to make a trip to see our families, which will take 6-7 days, throw a going away party, get my hair cut, and finalize all the other stuff before we go.  We’ll also need to have packers in, perhaps two separate sets, to pack our stuff for either moving or storage.

That’s a lot to do in a short amount of time.  Even if we knew for sure we were leaving on January 29th, it would be a lot to do from now.  But we have no idea when we can leave – and we don’t want to plan on January 29th and have it be February 27th.

One might ask, Why not?  Why not go ahead and do everything, and if you leave later it will already be done.  Well…

  1. If I quit my job now, then we don’t leave for another month, that’s a month’s pay that would have been nice to have.
  2. We could take the animals to the parental units now, but we’re also dropping off a car to sell, and at that point we’ll be down to one car.  That might make things a little more complicated.
  3. I want to wait as long as possible to get my haircut – plus, since we’re in limbo and will be jumping at a moment’s notice, I don’t want to schedule something too much further out than…tomorrow.
  4. Same goes for the going away party – see number 3.  Plus, it seems weird to have a party, then be around for possibly another month…

I’ve been looking online – self-diagnosing the visa applications, if you will.  I’ve seen some visas get approved in two weeks, and others take six months.  As usual, self-diagnosing has made me more anxious about everything, and I just want it DONE.  Like NOW.

Dear Finnish Embassy,

Please approve our visa/resident permit applications, and let us know they’ve been approved.  We promise to respect your country and its rules, and we promise we’re not moving there to abuse the system.  We have health insurance, and a good source of income, and plenty of savings, and we promise we don’t intend to overstay our welcome.  We promise to at least attempt to learn your language, although we appreciate your understanding that we may never be fluent.  Please ease my anxiety and give us a sign.  Kiitos!

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