Embrace Life. Be Inspired. In Finland.

I have been desperately trying to figure out my blogging life.  Do I want a blog for me and a blog about my life in Finland?  Or do I just want to do it all on one?  What about a photo blog?  Do I want to do a separate one, or do it on here?  People who come here because it’s me won’t care, but what about the people who come here because it’s Finland?  And what about the ones who come here because of the photography?  Neither one of those groups cares about anything else, right?  And what about when I’m no longer in Finland?  I want a blog to last a lifetime, not have to start another one in a couple of years.

After much consideration, I think this blog will live beyond Finland…just with a different name.  Now, it’s “Embrace life.  Be inspired.  In Finland.”  But maybe in a few years, it will be “In England.”  Or “In Paris.”  Or maybe it won’t have a location.  Maybe it will just be.

Maybe.  I’m the master of indecision.

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2 thoughts on “Embrace Life. Be Inspired. In Finland.

  1. Aly Hughes

    I had the same thoughts when starting my blog! Do I want it to be about writing, a resource for writers, only my short stories, or could I include posts about my life? I finally settled on more of a discussion about writing blot with some short stories to prove that I do actually write!

    If you’re still figuring it out, I’d say experiment with posts! You’ll find your groove and see what people flock to. It took me a little over a month before I found a good blogging rhythm. Either way, I don’t think you’ll have a difficult time finding readers. I know I’m hooked already!

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