5 things I’m excited about this weekend

  1. Riding The Intimidator again.  The first time I rode it, it took my breath away – literally.  The second time (the same night as the first time) I was able to enjoy it more, knowing what to expect.  I wonder, since it’s been a while, if I’ll need to ride it a second time.  Wait…why wouldn’t I ride it a second time?
  2. Riding the Borg (I still call it that, even though the name changed).  I love this one because at one point, you really feel like you’re flying – face down, the wind whooshing around you, and no machinery in your line of sight.  If I could take a video, I would, but it’s not advisable.
  3. Riding Ricochet, the East Coast’s version of California Adventure’s Mulholland Drive.  This is the stupidest ride, ever, a cramped 4 person car, knees to your chest (and I’m short), going down a twisty-turny road.  But I enjoy the hell out of it, and it may be my favorite ride of all time.  I want to do it again, and again, and again.
  4. Riding the rapids, because it’s sure to be hot tomorrow.
  5. Doing all of the above with wonderful company.  🙂


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